What A Few Brave Doctors Are Saying Is The Real Culprit Behind Age-Related Vision Loss

And The Super Simple Sunrise Ritual That Can Help Restore Your Failing Vision In Just 90 Seconds Per Day…

This is a 1-minute vision test — which will tell you if you have progressive vision loss and after it will show you what you can do about it to naturally treat it.

Test starting in, 3, 2, 1… please focus on the following text and try to read it.

This is the first line of the test, can you see it well?


If you find yourself saying…

My vision isn’t what it used to be…

Could you see that well?


I can’t see as well as I once did…


I‘m as blind as a bat…


My eyesight gets worse and worse with each eye exam.

How about that?

If you said no, then…

You need to watch this video.

Because you could be heading down a dangerous path of deteriorating vision.

A path full of misery, worry, and fear.

A path where you find yourself more dependent on others for the simplest of things.

A path where you’re locked in your home and afraid to navigate the outside world.

All because of your progressive vision loss.

And you’re far from alone.

My mom would often say the same things.

And not too long ago…

Sound of honking horns, car crash, woman yelling “what are you blind?”

She came within inches of injuring two innocent children, or maybe even worse...

Then she crashed her car into a light pole.

“Did you see that?” I heard someone say.

“That old lady came close!”

I turned to look.

Then my heart sank.

That old lady wasn’t just some old lady…it was my mom.

And she shouldn’t have been driving.

She’d already been in two accidents in the past 6 months.

Narrowly escaping with her life after a blind left turn.

She was ok physically - even though the car was totaled…

Just a few minor bumps and bruises.

But mentally, she would never be the same again.

My mom almost injured two children that day…

…and it was all because of her failing eyesight.

I’d asked her to meet me at the restaurant.

I was supposed to pick her up, but I was running late.

She hated driving at night.

But against my better judgment, I insisted.

It’s just two blocks from your house, mom, you’ll be fine.

Now thanks to me…

My mom narrowly escaped vehicular manslaughter.

She was terrified to ever drive again.

And rightly so, she was a danger to everyone on the road.

Even with her glasses.

I felt so guilty.

Soon after…

She became a prisoner in her own home.

Refusing to leave the house for anything.

Worried that she would end up hurting someone.

“What if I had run over those precious children?”

She would ask me over and over again.

Reliving that moment…torturing and tormenting herself.

She couldn’t get it out of her mind.

Then, she did something I NEVER thought she’d ever do.

She put her house up for sale.

“I don’t want to be a burden”, she said, “one night as she handed me a stack of brochures from assisted living facilities in the area.”

“My eyesight has gotten so bad, I just don’t think I can live alone”, she continued.

“With the money I get from selling the house, I can move into one of these.”

But mom, this is YOUR home..

It’s the house I grew up in.

Where I learned to walk, celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving…

And every birthday until I was 18.

It’s the first house my parents bought together, right after they were married.

Where they shared 54 years together.

And ultimately, where my father spent the last few days of his life.

“Dad wouldn't want you to give it up”, I said in one last-ditch effort to change her mind.

But she wouldn’t listen.

She felt like she had no choice.

Hi, my name is Benjamin Blake.

And if you’re looking for a way to stop your progressive vision loss and regain your perfect eyesight once and for all.

If the thought that someday you may lose your freedom and self reliance because your failing eyesight is making you more and more dependent on others terrifies you…

Then watch the next 15 minutes of this presentation as if your life depended on it.

Because, the truth is…it will depend on it…

I’m going to do something that no one has ever done…

Because,I’m going to reveal a proven, science backed, all-natural sunrise ritual designed to rejuvenate your failing eyesight by addressing the root cause of vision loss…

Something known as an
“Ocular Energy Crisis”

So keep watching.

Because everything you’re about to discover will shatter everything you knew about how age related vision loss works.

Everything many eye doctors may STILL believe to be true, even though science has now completely debunked them.

The truth I’m about to reveal concerning your progressive vision loss is NOT normal.

Even though it affects millions of men and women every single day.

It has nothing to do with genetics, pre-existing health problems or even how old you are.

No, this vision thief steals your eyesight in a more sinister way.

By “switching” off its energy supply.

See, the real issue, as you’re about to discover thanks to dozens of new clinical studies and scientific reports performed by some of the leading medical institutions in the world.

Including Harvard, Cambridge, the National Institutes of Health and the prestigious Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston.

Is a relentless internal attack designed to destroy the power generators in the cells that supply all of the energy to your eyes.

Resulting in the deterioration of your retina and visual cortex and ultimately the death of your vision.

It’s the reason why so many people begin to lose their eyesight as they get older.

Why young people are now starting to lose their vision too…

And why…the National Institutes of Health is predicting that the number of people with vision impairment will double by the year 2050.

Yes, what I am about to share with you will both shock and disturb you.

But once you know the truth…

You’ll have everything you need to regain your perfect eyesight once and for all.

Just imagine waking up in the morning, opening your eyes and seeing clearly across the room with perfect clarity.

Now, imagine NOT having to reach for your glasses or contacts, to see the clock or having to worry about forgetting your glasses or losing them ever again.

Being able to read menus, check phone messages, see street signs and read a book with perfect visual acuity…

Never having to concern yourself with the fact that you’re getting older

Instead, you’ll now be in complete control.

Living life on your terms, with perfect 20/20 vision…in rich and vivid color.

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

After all, vision loss is pretty much expected in our society and the thought of actually overcoming your failing eyesight seems almost foreign to most people.

Most doctors will simply tell you it comes with the territory as we get older and the options really are limited.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

I’m not saying that to be mean.

I really do think most doctors have your best interests at heart.

Unfortunately, based on current trends…

That new prescription they just gave you will soon need to be changed.

And just to be clear…

It doesn’t matter if your current vision loss was caused by conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, type 2 diabetes, a physical injury to your eye or some other reason.

As you’re about to see, they all have the same underlying cause.

So make sure to watch this presentation to the very end.

Because, right here and right now on this page you’re about to discover something that is guaranteed to not only improve your vision, but also every other aspect of your life.

You’ll understand why I say that in just a moment.

So pay close attention, because I’ve got a lot to cover and we’re running short on time.

The worldwide vision market is a profitable multi-billion dollar industry and they don’t like it when someone like me comes along that could potentially cut into their bottom line.

It’s no longer the patient focused business of healthcare.

Instead it’s now the profit focused healthcare business.

Where the more “UNHEALTHY” you are the better.

Because it means a bigger bottom line for them.

So I fully expect this website to be targeted for take down at any time.

As you probably know censorship is REAL and it’s happening everywhere at an unprecedented rate.

Just take a look around you…when’s the last time they cured anything?

Oh that’s right, polio 50 years ago.

Anything that challenges the powers that be is swiftly taken offline.

And BIG VISION is no exception.

Now, with that being said…

Are you still going to leave the future of your vision in their hands, while they make money off of you, hand over fist?

Are you just going to follow orders as your ability to see clearly continues to deteriorate?

I hope not.

Because what I’ll be sharing with you today is proven to save your vision.

Just like it saved…

The vision of some of the 33,779 other people who have now regained perfect eyesight using this amazing vision breakthrough

Like Charles G., from Boulder Colorado, says…

“My vision has improved dramatically.

I am no longer dependent on my glasses, I can read newspapers and magazines without straining my eyes, everything looks so much more crisp and clear.

It’s really amazing.”

And just like Teresa R., from Seattle Washington says…

“I was at my wits end when I found you.

It’s been nothing short of a miracle how fast my vision returned.

I was on the verge of paying big bucks for laser surgery and decided to try this instead.

Now, my vision is essentially perfect. Not sure I understand exactly how it all works but there’s no doubt in my mind that it does.”

And just like, Sharon W., from Austin Texas writes…

“I just wanted to thank you for your incredible advice and for what you’ve put together here.

Like most people I always thought that losing my vision as I got older was normal and just an annoying fact I needed to learn to live with.

Now, I know better and I’m so glad I do.

My vision has gone from blurry and foggy to crystal clear and focused. Thank you for all you do.”

The number of phone calls, emails and text messages I receive every day is truly overwhelming.

And they’ve all had the same experience.

Doing something no one thought possible.

By using a secret so powerful that it actually turns back the clock on your aging eyes.

And you won’t believe how much better your vision can be, how much more clearly you can see and how liberated you’ll feel once you do it.

As I mentioned my name is Benjamin Blake.

I have a background in biological science and I work as a consultant for two biotech start-ups here in Phoenix, Arizona where I live with my wife and two boys.

When my mom came within inches of running over two innocent children and was faced with the real possibility of losing her home and her independence.

Finding a solution to her vision loss, became my number one priority.

I felt guilty for insisting that she drive that night and it gutted me to think that she was about to give up her home and her freedom because of it.

I couldn’t let that happen.

So I spent every spare moment, looking for answers and researching as many new treatments as I could find.

Hitting one dead end after another.

It wasn’t until I came across an online article in a British newspaper that things really changed for my mom.

I’ll tell you all about it in just a moment.

Because something I read in that article would eventually lead to a discovery that completely restored my mom's vision.

And has the potential to restore vision to millions of men and women all over the world…

…including you.

Now before I continue, it’s probably worth knowing that most doctors think that vision loss is inevitable.

And that it’s just a matter of time before we all begin to lose our sight.

It’s something that the majority of so-called experts chalk up to getting older, even though new research suggests that vision loss is now happening to younger people too.

Truth be told, they are correct in thinking that it IS age related.

I mean, it’s no secret that over 12 million men and women over the age of 40 now suffer from some sort of visual impairment.

And that over half of all seniors need glasses.

Where they have it all wrong however is that they think it’s normal.

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not.

You’ll see the evidence of that in just a moment.

Look, if you’re struggling with poor vision and are noticing a gradual decline in your ability to see clearly then you know how frustrating it can be.

It makes life more difficult and has the tendency to affect just about everything you do.

It can even make your own home a danger to you as minor accidents begin to happen more often.

At first you may brush these off as you just being clumsy, but that’s far from true.

Next, you find yourself more and more dependent on others.

Driving becomes more difficult and soon you wouldn’t even think of driving at night…

And if you do…

God forbid you actually end up hurting someone.

Before you know it… it’s time for another new prescription.

Or worse still…they start talking about corrective surgery.

Where your chances of escaping unharmed are estimated to be only about 60%.

And where side effects like scarring, infection and dry eye are common occurrences - and in many cases going completely blind, it happens more than you realize…the only reason you never hear about it is because many times they settle out of court for medical malpractice.

Deep down, you worry that you’ll soon be unable to see anything at all.

It’s unfair and you wonder when it will ever end.

Even with the so-called advances in vision care…

People are still losing their eyesight in record numbers.

People are fearful about what the future may hold.

Whether or not their withering eyesight will affect the quality of their life…

…or as in my mom's case, force them from the home they love because of fear that they can no longer take care of themselves.

There’s no workable solution.

Right now, 23 million Americans between 18 and 64 suffer from visual problems in the United States and that number triples for those 65 and older.

And yet for some reason we’re still led to believe that it’s a normal fact of life.

There haven’t been any major developments in the treatment of vision loss in decades and no one seems to really know why it’s getting worse.

And while there are advances in things like laser surgery, it doesn’t come without risks.

It’s like a conveyor belt of eye exams, eye glasses, contacts and surgery.

And if you’ve been dealing with vision loss you know exactly what I mean.

Glasses can be a real hassle and if you misplace them, you're out of luck.

Contacts are a pain in the you know what to both put in and take out…

Plus, they can lead to eye irritation, infections and all sorts of other problems…

Then there’s surgery.

Dangerous, costly surgery.

Which is a bit of a gamble if you want to know the truth.

After all, the number one side-effect of surgery is blindness.

The very thing you’re trying to avoid.

So, if any of this sounds familiar, there’s something I want you to know.

None of it’s your fault.

You’ve just trusted the wrong people and the system has let you down.

My mom did all of that.

In fact, she’d just been to the eye doctor the day before her accident.

But looking back…

…as scary as that accident was for everyone.

It turned out to be a real lifesaver.

Or should I say vision saver?

Because it started me on a journey that ultimately not only saved my mom’s eyesight but also her home.

Giving her back both her freedom and independence…

But most of all her joy.

So stay with me for just a few more minutes, because I’m about to share all of the details with you about how I uncovered the secret to perfect vision at any age.

And the simple solution anyone can use to heal their aging eyes and restore their failing vision.

You see, as a consultant in the biotech space, I have access to some of the most brilliant minds in the world.

These are people with advanced degrees in medicine and biomedical engineering.

They don’t waste their time working in traditional medical settings.

They play a much bigger game where the stakes are higher…

…and the reward is measured in the hundreds of millions and even billions.

So I immediately began to reach out to every doctor and scientist I knew.

Anyone working in any field that I thought may be related to vision loss.

I also have some connections with a large medical school in Tucson just a few hours south of where I live.

We’re often using their medical school to carry out research we’re working on.

So each week I’d make an excuse to get down there so I could spend time in the medical library.

Researching and looking for anything I could find that could help my mom.

Finding a solution to her failing eyesight became my SOLE focus.

I mean losing my dad was hard enough…

But I knew deep down that losing her vision and her home of 54 years…

Would be far more than my mom could ever handle.

After her near fatal accident, she spent every waking moment behind the 4 walls of her house.

Bumping around in a sea of darkness, barely able to read, knit or do the crossword puzzles she loved so much..

She longed to go out and be around people, visit friends and play with her grandchildren at the park…

But fear got the best of her…

She refused to go anywhere she would have to drive.

Worried that this time, she’d actually hurt someone maybe even worse..

And I don’t blame her.

Even so, that house and her independence was all she had left.

Now, it was all about to be ripped away.

And it was up to me to save her

Deep down, I knew that it wasn’t just her vision I was trying to save…

I was also trying to save her life.

Now if I’m being honest, I was also worried about my future.

My dad had terrible eyesight before he died and if it wasn’t for my mom he would have been in an assisted living facility years before he passed.

Now the same thing was happening to her and I feared that I may be next..

I already wore reading glasses and I didn’t want my eyes to get any worse.

But up until then, I just figured that if scientists had found a better solution, we would know about it by now, right?

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.

And looking back I should have known better.

I work in that world where profit is put ahead of everything else.

So why I never assumed the same thing applied to the treatment of vision loss…

…I’ll never know.

But as I would soon discover, perfect vision IS possible at any age.

And it all started when I came across that online article in the British Newspaper, I mentioned earlier.

It was titled…

The Secrets Of Living To 100

It was an article about longevity featuring a woman named Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper.

A Dutch Centenarian who died at the age of 115

Now if you’ve never heard the word Centenarian or weren’t sure what it meant.

It’s just a fancy word to describe someone who lives to be over 100.

They’re also sometimes referred to as “Super Agers”…

Scientists make a habit of studying Centenarians with the hope that there are some biological differences that they can identify.

Differences that can lead to treatments that can help others live longer and healthier lives too.

And what caught my eye about this particular article wasn’t the part about her living to be 115…

As impressive as that was…

…but the fact that she had perfect eyesight up until she was 105.

To this day I still don’t know exactly why or how I found that article.

But I do think that things happen for a reason.

Because that article sent me in a direction that ultimately saved my mom's vision and thousands of other peoples since.

I couldn’t help but wonder how it was possible for her vision to stay so good for so long.

Then I wondered if other centenarians shared that same ability.

And sure enough they do.

In one study Published in the journal Neurology, scientists discovered that over 78% of Centenarians have what can be considered “good” vision.

And that’s incredible when you consider the fact that according to the Vision Council 75% of people over 50 require some type of vision correction.

It was clear to me that these so-called “Super Agers” definitely had some sort of advantage when it came to not only living longer but living longer with good vision.

I just didn’t know what that advantage was, yet.

But I knew someone who would.

My friend David.

David also works in the BioTech industry and is one of the most brilliant minds I know.

He left the medical profession to put his brain power into bigger projects and it’s definitely paying off.

Prior to working with BioTech companies David owned a neurological testing company.

Now he holds three medical device patents and is on the verge of selling one of his companies to a large pharmaceutical conglomerate for an unheard of amount.

In other words, David is a next level genius when it comes to biology.

So, I called him up and we scheduled to meet for lunch.

When we sat down, I didn’t waste any time.

So we exchanged greetings and I dove right in.

I explained to him everything that was happening with my mom.

How she’d almost run over two kids and how she was now about to lose her home.

What I was trying to do to help her with her vision and what I’d found so far.

He must have thought I was crazy, because he looked at me and said Brad , you know that none of my patents has anything to do with vision, right?

We both laughed and I said of course I do.

But I thought you might have some insights into what makes Centenarians live so long.

More importantly, is there anything you can think of that would allow them to maintain great vision well into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond?

I told him about the article and the studies I read, in particular the one showing that Centenarians had overwhelmingly good eyesight.

I wanted to know what made them different.

What was it that allowed them to live for so long and to be so healthy?

I wondered if whatever it was could be used to improve someone’s vision.

And I wanted him to use that big brain of his to help me figure it out.

David took a deep breath and I could see his mind working.

I knew if anyone could figure this out he could.

Suddenly, David snapped out of his trance and immediately started to speak.

He started by telling me that there was in fact a reason why Centenarians live so long.

And based on what he knew, it was most likely the same reason why so many of them enjoy perfect vision too.

That difference, he said, has to do with their mitochondria.

Now with my biological science background I knew what mitochondria were.

I just couldn’t see the connection.

But David could.

As you know, he continued…

The mitochondria are the power generators in the cells of your body.

In fact, the only reason you and I are alive and sitting here in this restaurant is because of the ability of our cells to produce sustainable energy.

And about 95% of this energy is generated by your mitochondria.

They’re like little cellular power plants.

And studies have shown that Centenarians not only have healthier mitochondria, but they have more of them too.

In fact, there’s even evidence that even children of centenarians are more likely to become centenarians themselves.

Then in true David fashion, he rattled off study after study proving his point.

Like the one from UCLA showing that aging (and many of the disorders associated with aging) involve insufficient mitochondrial quality.

And the paper from the National Institutes of Health that shows…

“A decline in mitochondrial quality and activity has been associated with normal aging and correlated with the development of a wide range of age-related diseases.”

David then pulled out his phone and started to search the medical database looking for a connection between mitochondrial damage and vision loss.

Within minutes, he’d found 619 results.

We talked for another two hours and I could see David's brilliance come to life.

He loved working on new problems and I knew that bringing this one to him was the right decision.

We stayed at the restaurant for hours, but it was worth it.

By the time I left I had a clear understanding of what our target needed to be.

The mitochondria and David agreed to help.

Over the next few weeks David and I talked everyday.

He had free time on his hands while he was waiting for all the lawyers to work out the details of the pending sale of his company.

David was like a dog looking for a bone.

This idea that vision could be corrected by focusing on the mitochondria intrigued him and he wouldn’t rest until he figured it out.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to get a text message from him at 4:30 in the morning just a few short days later.

It said..,

“Meet me for coffee at the Starbucks on Goldwater and Scottsdale Rd, at 7:30.”

When I arrived, David was sitting there with a big smile on his face.

I figured it out, he said smugly.

The answer has been there the whole time, he said.

Hiding in plain sight.

No matter what we try to blame it on, it's all caused by the same thing.

Take blue light for example.

Research shows that electronic devices like cell phones, computers and even smart TVs can damage your eyesight because of the blue light they emit.

It leads to blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eye, macular degeneration, and even cataracts.

You see, every color in the visible light spectrum has a different wavelength and energy level.

Blue light has shorter wavelengths and higher energy than other colors.

That’s why it can be damaging to the eyes.

And do you know what gets damaged?

The mitochondria

In a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry researchers studying the effects of blue light on epithelial cells came to this conclusion.

“Our results demonstrate that exposure of non-pigmented epithelial cells to blue light causes mitochondrial dysfunction and mtDNA damage and that such effects are mediated by the action of reactive oxygen species.”

A separate study published in Neurochemistry International found that short-wave visible blue light has adverse effects on mitochondrial function.

But it’s not just blue light either.

Other “newly discovered” causes of vision loss like air pollution are no different.

In one large study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology researchers found that small increases in air pollution are linked to an increased risk of irreversible sight loss from age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

And a previous study published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science had already linked dirty air to Glaucoma.

Yet, just like with blue light the damage to your eyes is caused by damage to the mitochondria.

In one study, researchers from USC found that exposure to air pollution significantly damaged the mitochondria.

Experts are so quick to hang their hat on these sorts of causes and why they do in-fact cause vision loss again the REAL problem is damage to the mitochondria.

So if our exposure to blue light and air pollution are driving this increase in vision loss due to mitochondrial damage what on earth can we do?

There’s almost no escaping it.

That would appear to be the case, wouldn’t it? David said with a smile.

But there is one thing all of these vision destroyers have in common when it comes to attacking the mitochondria.

What’s that? I asked.

David smiled…pausing for dramatic effect.

They do it through the creation of free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that react with other molecules in volatile and highly destructive ways.

Free radicals attack other cell membranes and destroy delicate and vital tissues like the cells in your retina which is why it can be so damaging to your eyesight.

And your mitochondria are one of the easiest targets of free-radical injury for two reasons:

They are located exactly where these free radicals are produced and they lack adequate antioxidant defenses.

One of the reasons why mitochondrial dysfunction affects your eyes so much is because the cells in your eyes have such a high demand for energy.

When we’re younger we’re protected against mitochondrial deterioration because our bodies produce substances that defend our mitochondria from damage.

However, as we age, that protection begins to fade.

Which is why there is some truth to the fact that losing your eyesight is associated with old age.

But just not for the reasons people think.

“So, you’re telling me that by somehow figuring out a way to protect the mitochondrial from free radical damage we can preserve and even enhance vision.”

That’s right, he said.

But it’s more than that.

Restoring mitochondrial function has the potential to rejuvenate more than just your eyes.

It helps your entire body!

Why isn’t this mainstream? I asked.

Why hasn’t anyone else come up with this?

Because nobody ever thought to look, David Replied.

If it wasn’t for you seeing the connection between Centenarians and healthy vision I would have never looked either.

Trust me, I’ve been in this high stakes biomedical world long enough to know that natural treatments have no place in mainstream medicine.

There’s no money in them.

No more vision loss means no more money.

And that’s NOT something they’re interested in.

But this is too good NOT to share, so let’s do it.

David and I got to work researching natural ways to treat mitochondrial dysfunction.

Six months and dozens of failed combinations later we’d reached our precise formula.

It was incredible.

I remember as clear as day, when David shot me over the email with the final formula and some special instructions that I didn’t quite understand at the time.

I immediately replied…

“This is amazing,” I wrote, but what is that part about red light?

A few seconds later, David called to explain.

Remember, when I told you how blue light is damaging to your eyes?

Yes, I replied.

Well, it just so happens that red light is actually good for your eyes.

He went on to tell me about a new study that had just come out from University College in London that found that just 3 minutes of morning exposure to red light can improve vision.

In fact, the study, published in the Journal Gerontology, showed daily three-minute exposure to longwave deep red light 'switched on' energy producing mitochondria cells in the human retina, helping boost naturally declining vision.

Mitochondria have specific light absorbance characteristics influencing their performance: longer wavelengths spanning 650 to 1000nm are absorbed and improve mitochondrial performance to increase energy production, David explained.

So, do we need to add a red light to our protocol? I asked.

No, David replied that’s the beauty of it.

Morning sunlight works, too.

At sunrise the Sun is very low in the sky, which means that the sunlight we see has travelled through a much thicker amount of atmosphere.

The shorter wavelength blue light that can damage your eyes is scattered further, as the sunlight passes over a greater distance, we see the longer wavelength red light.

The combination of nourishing nutrients with the red light activation of the mitochondria provides a powerful 1-2 punch to failing vision.

First by activating and enhancing mitochondrial function with red light, then nourishing the entire visual system with adequate nutritional cofactors.

While recharging cellular energy production and boosting antioxidant protection.

We can now, naturally, restore failing eyesight

There’s nothing else that even comes close.

It’s brilliant, I said.

This is going to help a lot of people.

And I know exactly who the first person should be, my mom.

So, I gathered the ingredients and gave her our formula.

As well as the instructions to take the nutrients along with watching the sunrise each morning.

She was so excited, a little confused about the sunrise part but agreed to do it.

For the first time in a long time she told me she actually had hope.

I called my mom daily, checking in on her and evaluating her progress.

For the first 10 days the changes were subtle.

I could tell she was getting frustrated, but she could sense some improvement.

She told me there were a few offers on her house but agreed to wait.

She was losing all hope and I was running out of time.

I begged her to just hold off, until the formula had time to work.

You’re taking the formula 1st thing in the morning aren’t you?

And you are watching the sunrise too right?

Yes, she replied. Agreeing to continue.

Over the next few days, I was busy with work so I wasn’t able to stop by her house.

And then one evening, I heard a car horn honk outside the house.

It was my mom.

She’d driven all the way over to my house WITHOUT her glasses.

As she got out of the car she shouted my vision…it’s so clear!

I haven’t been able to see at night in over 8 years…

It’s a miracle.

She kissed my cheek and hugged me like she hadn’t seen me in years.

I couldn’t believe it.

I called David to tell him how much better my mom's vision was.

He asked if I could take her in to see her eye doctor so we could get some confirmation.

No one could believe the results, including her doctor.

My mom now had 20/20 vision

It was incredible.

Her doctor was shocked, he couldn’t believe how much her vision had improved.

He told me he had never seen anything like it in his 25 years of practice

My mom was now free from the prison of her failing vision.

Her confidence returned.

And her independence was restored.

Her love of life returned and she started getting out of the house again.

I was ready to share this discovery with the world, but David warned me that while it worked for mom it wasn’t guaranteed to work for everyone.

We had to test it on more people before we could really be sure.

So, I posted an ad in the newspaper looking for volunteers.

I wrote that we were looking for anyone with vision loss and it didn’t matter if they were near or far sighted or if they suffered from some form of visual deterioration.

Or if they wore glasses, contacts or even if they had corrective surgery.

We wanted them to try our protocol.

So we put up a post on Facebook looking for volunteers.

Now, I have to admit I was extremely nervous.

What if it didn’t work?

What if my mom just got lucky?

We’d soon find out.

In just 30 days
results started to come in

And they were amazing.

99.3% of the volunteers reported a significant improvement in their vision.

They also felt better and had more energy too.

Beyond that many of them commented on how much better they looked.

Some were even accused of having plastic surgery, that’s how dramatic some of the changes were.

It was wild.

Within 60 days 100% of the study volunteers reported better vision.

With over half of them reporting that they no longer needed glasses at all.

It blew my mind.

And it wasn’t just their eyes.

Just like David had expected they all looked and felt younger, their thinking became more clear and they had an overall sense of well-being.

They weren’t just able to see better.

Everything got better.

A few of them even told me how skeptical they were and that they had no faith that this would work at all…

But there was no question.

It worked and it worked on every single one of them.

As word of their results spread to their family and friends, demand soared.

Originally we had planned on this being for private use only, but with all the requests we were getting we went ahead and produced a small batch thinking it would last a while.

It sold out within hours of announcing it.

So we doubled our next production run and that too sold out the same day.

And because it was selling out so fast people were buying as many bottles as they could get their hands on.

As we kept selling out we knew we had something truly special here.

David and I were thrilled at the response to our new all natural vision solution.

And we knew we had to make this available to everyone.

Next, we called dozens of manufacturing companies all over the country looking for one we could trust to put this formula together under the most pristine conditions.

Finally we settled on one with an impeccable reputation that offered the highest standards of quality control.

And if I’m being honest, it was a lot more difficult than I first imagined it would be.

It took months to narrow it down.

You’d be disgusted to know just how sketchy some of these companies are.

They cut every corner and use the lowest quality ingredients you can imagine.

We had specific nutrients and dosages we needed so it took some additional time to track down suppliers that could meet our standards.

At the end of the day we found 3 different suppliers that were both certified and FDA cleared.

It was a LOT of work.

But I just kept on thinking about how many more people there were out there like my mom who were facing some serious problems due to their deteriorating vision.

And about the 2 kids my mom almost ran over that day.

How many more accidents could we help avoid?

We worked around the clock and finally after just 3 months of preparation it was done.

With David's help we’d created the perfect vision formula and we put it into easy to swallow capsules designed to be taken once per day with a glass of fresh, clean water.

We called it OcuRenew , the one and only all-natural blend that addresses the real cause of vision loss by not only protecting your mitochondria but by also stimulating mitochondrial production.

Doing so provides your eyes with powerful and much needed cellular energy.

Allowing you to heal your visual system and recover your lost vision.

OcuRenew uses only the purest, most potent ingredients in a clinically effective dose.

It’s the perfect mixture of 24 carefully selected plant extracts, herbs and vitamins put into an easy to swallow capsule to take once a day.

Plus, OcuRenew is only produced in an FDA approved facility under the highest standards.

Every capsule is tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

And they’re easy to use.

Here’s how it works.

Simply take two OcuRenew Capsules with a glass of fresh, clean water and watch the sunrise.

Research shows that morning exposure to red light is absolutely key to achieving improvements in declining vision.

Your mitochondria have shifting work patterns and don’t respond in the same way to light in the afternoon.

That along with the OcuRenew enhances mitochondrial function and restores your eyesight.

We call it the 4 steps to better vision

Step 1 Red Light Activation.

Simply watch the beauty of the sunrise and allow the long wave red light to activate your mitochondria. You can think of it as exercise for the mitochondria, which in turn enhances their function and improves their ability to deliver energy to your retina and the rest of your vision system. And if it’s cold outside, no worries. Watching the sunrise through the window works too.

Step 2 Foundational Support

Now that we’ve activated your mitochondria. it's time to nourish them with adequate nutritional cofactors. By taking a OcuRenew with a full glass of water you’ll hydrate and nourish your eyes with a foundation of micronutrients designed to ensure that energy production gets started on a firm foundation.

Step 3 Recharge

Through the combination of key nutrients, OcuRenew recharges and activates cellular energy production and boosts antioxidant protection.

Finally Step 4 Protection.

OcuRenew offers ongoing protection to your mitochondria and your entire visual system through a unique combination of powerful nutrients, co-factors and plant compounds proven to enhance mitochondrial function and protect against mitochondrial degeneration..

This blend contains highly effective ingredients hand selected for their positive effect on mitochondrial health.

For example…

Not only do your mitochondria produce 95% of your cellular energy.

But they also play a key role in regulating immune function and a healthy immune system helps to keep your mitochondria in a peak state.

That’s why we picked a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals scientifically proven to promote immune health and provide a metabolic foundation for mitochondria to function.

Now, bear with me…because I’m going to be getting a little sciency here as I explain the details of each ingredient, why we chose it, and how it works with the other ingredients to help you restore your natural vision.

And I’ll start with vitamin A

Now you’ve probably heard the old saying that you should eat carrots to improve your eyesight.

There’s a lot of truth to that and the reason is because carrots contain high levels of vitamin A.

Research shows that retinol, the key component of vitamin A, is essential for the metabolic fitness of mitochondria.

And Vitamin A also plays a crucial role in vision by maintaining a clear cornea, the outside covering of your eye.

Vitamin A is also a component of rhodopsin, a protein in your eyes that allows you to see in low light conditions which is crucial for things like night driving.

Next we added an extremely high quality and easily digestible form of Vitamin C and here’s why.

You see…vitamin C has been shown to slow the progression of Age Related Macular Degeneration and Cataracts while Vitamin E adds valuable protection against free radical damage to the eyes.

And of course any vision related supplement wouldn’t be complete if we also didn’t add something to nourish the nerve supply to the eye.

That’s where vitamin B comes in.

B vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B12 and Biotin are essential to good eyesight through their actions on the optic nerve and other neurological pathways associated with vision.

As helpful as all of these vitamins are, sometimes they need a little help in order to do their job.

Which is why we added a powerful blend of minerals to the formula.

Minerals like Zinc which not only help to maintain the health of the retina, cell membranes, and protein structure of the eye but also aid in the transfer of vitamin A to the retina to produce melanin.

A pigment that protects the eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light.

Minerals like Calcium Magnesium, Selenium, Copper and Chromium promote healthy cellular function in the ocular system.

A lack of any one of these minerals has been associated with blurry vision.

This powerful combination of vitamins and minerals boosts immune function and directly benefits eye health.

This combination of vitamins and minerals do wonders to boost eye health and bolster the immune function.

Which means that mitochondrial repair and regeneration can now occur.

And that brings me to the next part of the formula.

Pay close attention…

Because through the proven protection provided by powerful antioxidants we’re able to boost mitochondrial production and enhance eye energy production too.

That’s why we hand selected a powerful blend of proven antioxidants that offer robust protection, especially for the eyes.

This proprietary mixture consists of 10 potent nutrients chosen for both their antioxidant capabilities and their ability to positively affect your vision.

The first two nutrients we chose were Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

Both are powerful vision nutrients that protect your eyes by suppressing inflammation, defend against free radicals and oxidative stress, enhance the sharpness of your vision and protect your eyes against the damaging effects of blue light.

Next we added Lycopene due to its ability to help protect against cataracts and bilberry for its proven protection against glaucoma and its ability to improve your night vision.

Alpha lipoic acid, Quercetin and Eyebright for their robust protection against free radical damage and oxidative stress and for their ability to improve eye health and in particular dry eye.

We then added a therapeutic dose of L-Taurine, an amino acid in the retina of the eye that helps protect against retinal degeneration.

And Grape Seed Extract to provide additional antioxidant support while helping to prevent macular degeneration.

Finally we added a clinical dose of Rutin to help regulate blood flow to the retina.

A crucial step in maintaining crisp, clear vision.

Together all of these nutrients provide the foundation, activation and protection of mitochondrial health while nurturing your retina, visual cortex and optic nerve.

No other formula targets the mitochondria and or rejuvenates the eyes better.

Now I have to say that having the right combination of the right ingredients, taken at the right time was the key to everyone in our test group improving their vision.

The addition of natural red light in the morning made our protocol even better.

Other formulas have some but not all of the all natural ingredients you’ll find in OcuRenew and none of them have made the connection with red light activation of the mitochondria.

It’s a life changing combination.

In just a few short weeks, you’ll have the type of vision you once only dreamed of.

Your newly supercharged mitochondria will be pumping out energy to your eyes and your entire visual system.

Your retina and every other component of your visual system will begin healing thanks to all the new energy flooding every cell of your eye.

Muscle tension will reduce as you no longer have to squint.

You’ll see things with better clarity and focus.

You’ll feel better and look younger too as all of the mitochondria in your body are now working at optimal levels.

That's because this formula is more than just an eye formula.

It restores youthful energy to ALL of the cells in your body while powering up your vision and restoring your sight.

By now there are probably two questions in your mind.

One, how can you get your hands on OcuRenew and how much should you get?

Well, that’s really up to you.

You see, I created this formula with one thing in mind. To make the best vision support supplement on the market.

And do it by using ONLY the best ingredients.

Which means that sometimes getting these ingredients can be a bit of a challenge.

Especially with what’s happening in the world right now.

I mean, if you think that getting toilet paper to the shelf at your grocery store is hard.

Try ordering 500 pounds of Bilberry Extract.

It’s not always easy.

Which is why it’s hard for me to answer that first question.

Regarding the second question as to how much you should get….

Well, let me put it to you this way.

Every person in our test group that used OcuRenew and has improved their eyesight is asking us for more.

And it’s not just for them either.

They want to share it with their friends and their family members too.

Which as you can imagine puts a tremendous strain on our inventory and we often sell out each new shipment within days of receiving it.

And I should tell you that we only make OcuRenew in small batches, which very often takes as much as 3 months to deliver.

What that means is that when we run out of inventory, you’ll have to wait at least 3 months on average in order to get your hands on this formula.

Not to mention, production can often be held up for days or weeks at a time as Big Vision and their army of high priced lawyers pressure regulators to squeeze production.

We’ve had more than our fair share of surprise visits and because we follow the rules, we have to suspend production and comply.

It’s a hassle, but we do things right. So always back up and running.

But it does cause unforeseen delays.

Now, while you’re on this page our system automatically places a hold on our inventory.

So as long as you don’t leave this page, we’ve got some OcuRenew set aside just for you.

However, if you do leave.

All bets are off and we can’t guarantee supply when you come back.

Now, before I tell you how much OcuRenew you should take, there’s something else you should know.

In order to get the most from this formula, it’s important to take the current health of your eyes into consideration.

How bad your eyesight currently is, how damaged your mitochondria may be and so on.

And based on internal testing on over 3700 customers all across the world, looking at the levels of severity of their ocular energy crisis, the length of time their visual system was under attack and the general health of their mitochondria…

We were honestly shocked at the degree of ocular system damage most of our customers have.

It’s sad really.

So when it comes to how much OcuRenew you should take, I always say the same thing,

Don’t risk running out.

After seeing the results of over 33.779 women and men who’ve used OcuRenew to reclaim their lost vision....

We recommend a minimum of 3 bottles over a period of 90 days, and if you’re really serious about restoring your vision and you don’t want to take the chance of running out, then we recommend taking at least six bottles or more.

This is guaranteed to naturally restore your vision, giving you the crystal clear focus and clarity of your youth.

Tens of thousands of men and women have used OcuRenew with incredible results.

They’re now enjoying their life without the worry of losing their sight.

They live in a state of wonder and bliss.

And they’re leading lives of freedom and focus. They’re driving at night without fear, they’re noticing the smallest of details, reading and responding to text messages without squinting and living life on their terms.

They’re no longer worried or stressed about their vision.

They’re free to move through life in full vivid color.

Exploring and appreciating the beauty this world has to offer.

Seeing it with their own eyes, crystal clear and in perfect focus.

They’re full of confidence and hope because their vision is no longer an issue in their life.

People like

Jane K who says…

“I love starting my day watching the sunrise and taking my OcuRenew.

My eyesight is so much better.

I went the entire day without putting on my glasses.

I just forgot because I didn’t need them!”

Charlie P who writes…

“I love that I can help my grandson with his homework now.

Before, my eyes were so bad I just couldn’t read the writing in his text books.

Now, it’s no problem at all.”

Finally Laurene C says…

“No more glasses for me.

I went in for my eye exam and my doctor says I no longer need them.

He said it was the first time he’d ever seen that happen.

He couldn’t believe it.”

After hearing just how much people love OcuRenew and seeing it firsthand with my mom and what a difference it has made in her life…

I initially priced OcuRenew at $197 per bottle

Even at that price, I am sure we’d still sell out.

But that’s not why I did this.

I don’t want to be just another profit arm of BIG VISION taking advantage of people.

This is not about money.

I’ve done pretty well in the medical device space and I own a piece of a few patents that pay me royalties…

Money is not a focus for me at this time in my life.

But there is something that is.

I want to make a difference in the lives of at least 5 million people.

That's why I'm not going to ask you for $197 or even $97.

For the formula that has already helped 33,779 women and men just like you.

Instead today, as long as this website stays up I’m giving you the opportunity to get the science-backed formula…

That targets mitochondrial repair and rejuvenates your vision at the cellular level helping you to once again experience 20/20 vision all within a matter of weeks…

For only $69 per bottle.

And because I know how important it is for you to restore your eyesight and how anxious you are to get started down the road of clear and focused vision, I've worked out a special discount with my manufacturer to offer you special pricing on 6 bottle orders of OcuRenew .

What this means is that when you choose the 6 bottle option you can get OcuRenew for only $49 per bottle…

Plus, FREE shipping.

However, when supplies run out, this offer is over.

So go ahead and make your selection below and join the more than 33,779 women and men who are now enjoying perfect vision again.

Tens of thousands of women and men are now living life with clear, focused vision.

They’re ditching their glasses and their contacts and enjoying a life of vivid clarity.

Three bottles of OcuRenew will get you started on the path to reversing your ocular energy crisis and restore the health and vitality of your visual system.

It will also enhance mitochondrial function and improve total body energy.

Even so, the overwhelming majority of our OcuRenew customers choose the 6 bottle option

By choosing six bottles, you’ll be giving yourself a full 6 months of protection. Six months of powerful mitochondrial function and a complete reversal of your ocular energy crisis.

Giving you perfect vision for a long time to come.

Choosing 6 bottles also means that you’re boosting total body energy production too. Reversing signs of aging and enhancing your overall health.

It’s common for long term users of Youthful Energy to report better looking skin, a younger looking complexion, better mental function and less aches and pains.

If you’d like to join them and regain your perfect vision.

You’ll find three options below.

The six bottle option provides the BIGGEST savings.

Select the one that fits your budget best.

Research shows that the longer you take the ingredients in OcuRenew the better your results.

That’s why I strongly recommend you choose the six bottle option.

Once you make your selection, you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you csan enter your payment details with full peace of mind.

Once we receive your order, your package of OcuRenew will immediately be boxed up and shipped out to your doorstep.

You should receive it within 5-7 business days.

OcuRenew does what no other eyecare program can do.

It restores mitochondrial function, reverses your ocular energy crisis and restores your vision.

Now that may seem a little far-fetched to you and I get it.

After all, BIG VISION has been stringing you along for years.

So let me set your mind at ease.

Every bottle of OcuRenew comes with our 60 day perfect vision money back guarantee.

Try OcuRenew and see the difference it can make in your ability to see the world around you.

Feel the freedom of seeing the world around you with perfect clarity.

The joy of seeing the faces of your loved ones, greeting your spouse and seeing every detail of their face.

Experience all of this and more and if for any reason you don’t feel as if OcuRenew delivers as promised…

If you’re not happy with OcuRenew for any reason at all.

Simply send us an email or call our customer service center and we’ll refund every dime.

No questions, no hassles and no pressure.

You have a full 60 days to see what a difference OcuRenew can make in your life.

But you better hurry.

The fat cats at BIG VISION aren’t too happy with us and they’ll stop at nothing to get this website taken down.

Especially when they start to see a dip in their profits.

So please don’t blame me if you decide to come back and this website is no longer here.

I promise we’re doing everything in our power to stick around.

As I mentioned I want to help 5 million people restore their vision and I want you to be one of them.

Look, you've made it this far, which tells me three things about you.

For starters you have bad vision…

Why else would you have watched this far?

Second, you’re looking for an all natural solution that actually heals your eyesight.

And third, you know what I’m telling you is the truth and that this solution REALLY works. 3. you're here because you know this works

So the decision you're about to make isn’t about buying a product…not even close.

Instead, it’s a decision about saving your vision AND saving your life.

A decision to maintain your independence, instead of becoming a burden on your family.

And it all happens when you say YES.

Because that YES is your chance at better vision and a better life.

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Just imagine, no more bumping into things, struggling to make it from one room to the next. No more being held hostage by your glasses or contacts or being afraid to leave your house at night.

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Or having to rely on others to drive you to the grocery store or run errands.

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Reading the time on the clock across the room as easily as you do the watch on your wrist.

All thanks to your newfound perfect vision

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What you decide to do right now will determine whether or not you’ll continue living in the dark, plagued with failing eyesight or choose the light, the bright, clear glorious light.

It’s up to you.

You can continue to hope and pray that by some miracle they come up with something new. But we both know that’s not likely to happen. The powers that be would much rather have you on the perpetual merry-go-round of new prescriptions, drugs and procedures.


you can choose to
reclaim your vision now

Choose your package below, and take back control.

You’re just one click away from perfect vision.

No more cloudy, unfocused vision. No more bumping around your home, running into things simply because you can’t find your glasses.

No more worrying about your ability to take care of yourself or relying on others for the simplest of things,

It’s all within your power, right now.

And it’s extremely affordable, especially when you compare it to the alternative.

A life of revolving door visits to your eye doctor and the limits to your freedom that each visit has the potential to make.

And just to be clear, this formula addresses the root cause of vision loss.

An “ocular energy crisis”. Which means it works on every kind of vision loss.

Plus, you’re fully protected by our very generous 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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Still there?

Look, I understand.

We’ve gone through a lot of information today and it can be a little overwhelming.

So here's what I'd like to do.

Let me answer some of the most important questions we receive about OcuRenew so you can move forward with full confidence.

Question 1 Will OcuRenew work for me?

The short answer is yes.

You see, the reason why OcuRenew works so well is because it addresses the primary cause behind all visual problems.

Damaged and unhealthy mitochondria.

And unlike other treatments OcuRenew is safe.

It works to naturally restore your vision by healing your mitochondria and your entire visual system.

Using the power of red light by simply watching the sunrise and taking the OcuRenew formula powered by 24 eye healing nutrients first thing in the morning you’re activating and supporting your mitochondria and getting your eyes energized for the day.

Question 2 Can I take OcuRenew if I have allergies or I'm currently taking other supplements?

The answer is Yes.

We created OcuRenew for all ages and medical conditions.

The only side effect you'll see while using it will be the extra pep in your step as you start each day off with the morning sunrise vision ritual.

OcuRenew does not require you to change anything with regards to your diet or exercise program and can be taken with other supplements too.

Remember, OcuRenew addresses the root cause of vision loss which is an Ocular Energy Crisis caused by damage to your mitochondria.

You should also know that OcuRenew is produced using high quality ingredients in an FDA approved facility, using the latest technology and equipment.

This is why we can confidently say that OcuRenew is safe to use.

Now, as always, if you suffer from allergies or other certain medical conditions at this very moment, we strongly advice that you consult with your doctor first.

Question 3 Who is this program for?

OcuRenew was designed to work for both women and men who suffer from a loss of visual acuity and are looking for a safe, natural and effective way to improve their eyesight.

It has zero side effects and it doesn't interfere with any medication or diet.

Question 4 How long does it take to see the results?

The moment you begin your sunrise ritual you’ll start down the path to better vision.

The energizing and healing of your mitochondria begins immediately and once your body assimilates all the nutrients it needs, you'll start seeing results in no time.

Question 5 What if I am not a morning person?

We totally understand that there may be times when you can’t get up in time to catch a sunrise or maybe the weather is bad and is blocking the sun.

That’s ok, you can always do your ritual at night with the sunset, although some studies show that it’s not as effective as doing it first thing. And if the weather isn’t cooperating that's ok too.

More recent studies have also shown that the red light exposure still works even if you’re only able to get it once a week. If bad weather persists, simply keep taking the OcuRenew formula and add the red light part of the ritual when the weather permits.

Question 6 How long will OcuRenew be available for?

Great question.

As I mentioned, Big Vision isn’t too happy with us.

And they'll stop at nothing to make sure our site is eventually taken down.

That being said, we plan on putting up a fight. But the truth is this may be your last chance to get OcuRenew .

The choice is up to you, of course, but I wouldn't wait if I were you.

The only place you can get OcuRenew is right here on this page.

Question 7 What are the terms of the guarantee again?

We are confident this formula and our Sunrise Ritual will help you restore your vision.

That's why every bottle of OcuRenew comes with a risk free, no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just, send us an email and we'll refund every penny you invested.

No questions asked, no hassle, no red tape.

Question 8 What happens next?

Simply select one of the packages below and click the buy button and you'll be taken to our secure checkout page.

Fill out the order form and click the button

Only $59/bottle
Today only $297 $177
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We’ll immediately start putting together your package and ship it to your door in a safe and discrete manner.

Soon, your order will arrive on your doorstep and your new Sunrise Ritual can begin.

Only $59/bottle
Today only $297 $177
Save $120 NOW! Restore Your Vision!
Price Lock Guaranteed By:
Only $49/bottle
Today only $594 $294
Save $300 NOW! Restore Your Vision!
Only $69/bottle
Today only $99 $69
Save $30 NOW! Restore Your Vision!
🛡️ 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee On All Orders!